what is heartwork?

Most of the time, my work preserves the celebrations of life and love. Moments like engagements, weddings, the anticipation of a first child, a new sibling, first milestones and everything in-between. But every once and awhile, my work gets to preserve more. Sometimes these celebrations come with backstories of heart ache, loss and pain. And it is in these moments that I find some of the most meaning in my work. For the family that has suffered loss or infertility, an image could never recover loves lost or extinguish their deep grief, but it can show growth, strength and healing as time moves these families forward. For the families that are putting in the time, hard emotional work and expense into fostering and adopting, an image of these children in their forever homes can physically and tangibly begin to stitch their story together and it is truly my honor to be a part of their story, in this small way.



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