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This one is personal. My best friend of 25+ years is having a baby. So we went up to a favorite spot in Cave Creek and talked and laughed and took some beautiful pictures. Knowing each other as girls, we would talk and dream about having a baby, usually prefaced with “one day”. We would dream about what we would name out hypothetical children and how many we would have… and now “one day” is here. … [Continue reading…]

♥Married: Andy & Brittany!


Andy and Brittany are a family and have been for some time now. They have a little boy and a little dog and life is really good. By getting married, their family is permanent and no one could be happier about it then their son Peyton. Watching him grin ear to ear all day was so incredibly sweet and something I won’t soon forget. The secret garden was a perfect setting for their 20’s theme and we … [Continue reading…]