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♥in love: laura and seba

What seems life several lifetimes ago, my husband and I traveled to Chile to work with the program English Opens Doors to a.) teach English, b.) learn about another culture and c.) explore this incredible part of the world. During our very first week there we met many other volunteers, one fellow Arizonan in particular named Laura- who within days met Seba (who just so happened to be her soulmate). I never would have imagined that this chance meeting would lead 4 years later to the opportunity to photograph their wedding! The universe rocks! So here we are re-uniting in Sedona to catch up and shoot their engagement session. They have created a beautiful life together here among the red rocks, so for their session I basically just followed them around to all their favorite places. We did all the things they love to do, like hiking and laughing and enjoying this breathtaking place that one very international couple is currently calling home.

Here are some of my favorites from that awesome day: